Polk packed a lot of technological innovation into their understated and elegant-looking Reserve R100 bookshelf speakers. The 5-1/4″ molded Turbine Cone™ driver delivers accurate, natural-sounding midrange. It’s the same driver the company uses in their high-end Legend Series. The patented X-Port helps these speakers deliver solid bass with no distortion. And the 1″ ring radiator tweeter features an integrated waveguide for a broad “sweet spot” with no unwanted high-frequency resonance.

You can use this pair of R100s with confidence as part of an audiophile-grade stereo system, or as the front or rear channels of a Reserve Series surround sound system.

Give them plenty of power

Many more affordable Polk Audio speakers are known for their high efficiency (they don’t need much power to produce great sound). That’s not really the case for the R100s. Because of their high-end design and construction, they need more power to sound their best.

The R100s have a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, and at 86 dB efficiency, they’re real “gas-guzzlers.” I highly recommend a high-output power amp or integrated amp to drive these speakers.

Get the most out of your speakers

We often refer to this class of speakers as “bookshelf speakers,” but I recommend using a pair of high-quality speaker stands with the R100s. They help improve the sound by giving your speakers a stable, vibration-free platform. Speaker stands also give you more placement flexibility, since you won’t be limited to a space on your shelf or table.

Product highlights:

  • 1″ ring radiator Pinnacle tweeter with an integrated waveguide for a broad “sweet spot”
  • 5-1/4″ Turbine Cone™ midrange/bass driver
  • frequency response: 58-39,000 Hz
  • nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • sensitivity: 86 dB
  • recommended amplifier power: 70 watts
  • bass-reflex (ported) enclosure with rear-firing X Port (ETF)
    • reduces low-frequency distortion and increases bass output
  • 5-way binding post speaker terminals
  • removable magnetic grilles


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